Cane Corso (en)

Smart, trainable, and of noble bearing, the assertive and confident Cane Corso is a peerless protector. The Corso’s lineage goes back to ancient Roman times, and the breed’s name roughly translates from the Latin as ‘bodyguard dog’. This breed is making its presence felt in the show ring in recent years.

The coat is short, stiff, shiny, adherent and dense with a light undercoat that becomes thicker in cold weather. The colours are varied with acceptable colours being black, lighter and darker shades of grey, lighter and darker shades of fawn, and red. Brindling is allowed on all of these colours. Solid fawn and red, including lighter and darker shades, have a black or grey mask, the mask does not go beyond the eyes. There may be a white patch on the chest, throat, chin, backs of the pasterns, and on the toes.

Grooming the Cane Corso is quite easy due to his short coat, though his large size means it’s a big job therefore maintaining what the standard requires is important. Use Plush Puppy All Purpose shampoo, known as ‘the shine shampoo’, at a ratio of 1:5 (1 part shampoo to 5 parts water), this shampoo with its natural henna will enhance shine without softening the coat. To enhance the coat colour on fawns, blacks and even brindles use Plush Puppy Herbal Whitening Shampoo, with its toning qualities this shampoo won’t lighten but instead will make blacks blacker and remove any unwanted warmer tones in fawns and brindle patterning. Use at the same ratio of 1:5.

The head and expression of the Corso are hallmarks of the breed, for these sensitive areas use Plush Puppy Let’s Face It, a product which the dog showing world has needed for way too long. Another one of the famous Plush Puppy products that with the latest of technology and the highest amounts of naturally sourced ingredients has developed a product that is a must! This is a hypoallergenic sulfate free low foaming shampoo designed for faces. It’s no tear formula contains the highest quality Blue Cypress Extracts, Panthenol with Pro Vitamin B and SugaNate to cleanse, sooth, add moisture, aid healing and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. A small golf ball sized amount directly to the face and eye area allows you to thoroughly clean without causing irritation. Can be used in and around ears also with the same benefits. Its low foaming design allows easy of rinsing yet complete cleaning.

To maintain that ‘stiff’ feel to the coat don’t use a conditioner, this softens the coat! To keep the coat healthy and shiny use Plush Puppy Seabreeze Oilan innovative organic formula containing a unique blend of essential oils such as wheat germ oil, calendula oil and evening primrose oil that work together to keep any scurf at bay and leaves the coat smelling wonderful and with great healthy vigour and shine. It does not make the coat oily. Add 1 teaspoon to 4 litres/1 gallon of warm water and mix through the coat or sponge liberally onto the coat. LEAVE IN. DO NOT RINSE

Keep on hand Plush Puppy Wonder Wash for those last minute emergencies as this will clean up any mess, pronto. This self-rinse shampoo foams and doesn’t stay there looking at you hoping your elbow grease will make it work – this really does the trick. Spray, foam up with fingers and then towel dry off.

Even as this breed is a short coated breed we always suggest blow/force drying. This helps to shed any loose hairs and maintain the coat at its best.

Your Corso’s coat will benefit by being groomed with a strong pure bristle brush, and there is no better than the Plush Puppy Ultimate Pure Boar Bristle Brush as the bristle comes from the chest area of the boar giving it ideal firmness for the coat of a Cane Corso.

Spritz now with a spray of Plush Puppy Shine & Comb, this does not give a greasy finish but gives a great deal of lustre to the coat. Spray again just before ring time. I also like a spray of Plush Puppy Odour Muncher for a nice clean smelling dog. It literally deodorises and eats up any nasty odours leaving a nice fresh smell that won’t asphyxiate the dog or the judge.

With these handy hints we know that your Corso will look the part and impress the judge. In the group he will stand proud and represent the breed.

Written by SIMON BRIGGS, Director of Grooming. Plush Puppy Australia

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