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Afghan Hound (en)

Primarily a coursing hound, this aristocratic breed is an exercise in grooming patience and dedication. Laughingly, one experienced exhibitor explained to me that the coats tend to come in 3 types, way too much, just right and not enough! He also stated that there are 10:1 odds that you [...]

Airedale Terrier (en)

AIREDALE TERRIER Known as the King of Terriers, the Airedale’s origins appear to be from old lines from the Aire Valley in England and is generally known as a good all-rounder used not only for hunting game and birds but as a police dog and a war time guard [...]

Akita (en)

Intriguingly recognised as a National Monument in his native Japan, the Akita developed to much of his modern appearance somewhere in the 17th Century as a versatile hunting dog in the northern part of the country. Used to hunt bear, deer etc, and hold at bay whilst the hunter [...]

Alaskan Malamute (en)

One of the oldest of the Arctic sled dogs, the Malamute has a long history dating back to the Innuit tribe of the Mahlemuts of Kotzebue Sound in northwest Alaska. Used as a draft dog for hauling sledges for heavy arctic freighting, he is a powerful and substantially built [...]

American Cocker Spaniel

Long, Silky and Very Glamorous - The American Cocker Spaniel. The lovely American Cocker Spaniel with its flowing feathers and flashy movement is indeed a site to behold in the show ring. A merry dog and the smallest of all the gundog breeds the American Cocker is truly one [...]

Australian Cattle Dog (en)

The Australian Cattle Dog; the alert, intelligent and faithful friend of the drovers of the great Aussie outback, is a breed that has been around for over a 100 years, easing the burden of working the cattle with his quiet and determined attitude. Whilst he is seen as one [...]

Australian Shepherd (en)

When is an Aussie not a true Aussie? Well when it actually is an Australian Shepherd as they did not originate in Australia at all. This glamorous and lively herding dog was likely from the Basque region between Spain and France and adopted and adapted into the American ranch [...]

Basenji (en)

Out of Africa, and barkless, the Basenji is one of the oldest breeds, used for hunting, pointing and retrieving. Approximately the size of a Fox Terrier, one should have the first impression of a proud little dog. A Hound with beauty, grace and intelligence, he is also fastidiously clean, [...]

Basset Hound (en)

A wonderfully gentle and happy breed, the Basset is an intelligent and hardworking scent hound. Trailing rabbits and such and indeed flushing and retrieving if called upon to do so, his standard requires a no nonsense all weather coat and must be hard, smooth and short.   Thought to [...]

Beagle (en)

To the tip of his nose The Beagle, this tireless, little hunter is a very work oriented breed. One can be forgiven for thinking that function is enough to carry him through in a show ring. He is often seen as a no nonsense breed and the brevity of the coat paragraph [...]